Quantum training booths unveiled at new Green Skills Lab

Quantum’s state-of-the-art renewable training facilities are taking centre stage at the new Green Skills Lab unveiled at London South East Colleges’ Bromley campus. 

A crowd looks on as one of the new booths is unveiled at LSEC Bromley Green Skills Lab
Students at LSEC Bromley explore the new Green Skills Lab

The innovative learning space is designed to give students the skills needed to help fill the green skills gap as the UK moves towards net zero and more renewable sources of energy. 

Our Managing Partner Maria Gonella attended the 12 September opening of the lab, which features specialist training booths developed and installed by Quantum’s engineers. 

Maria said: “We owe it to the next generation, our children, to do what we can to try to put right our misunderstandings and help create a cleaner, brighter future.

“The equipment allows students to get practical, hands-on experience of working with air source heat pumps, solar thermal, solar PV, battery and electric vehicle charging, to complement the theory they learn in the classroom. 

“At Quantum, we are creating our tomorrow in a number of ways, including the design of these booths across five renewable technologies – air source heat pumps, solar PV, solar thermal, battery and EV charging. 

“We have then broken this down further into three practical elements which can be taught using the new training booths adopted by Bromley in the Green Skills Lab. These are a fully working system; a student installation, service and maintenance booth; and a fault-finding booth. 

“I’m delighted to see these bespoke facilities installed here at London South East Colleges’ (LSEC) Bromley campus and I’m sure they will be of huge benefit to students. Students who have used them before have told us how much they enjoy the practical learning.”

Curriculum delivery

Nick Cocks, Director of STEM at LSEC Bromley, said: “The team at Quantum has been amazing. We have an excellent Green Skills Lab supplied by them, which will be an integral part of us delivering a meaningful and engaging curriculum in the coming years.

“The wrap-around package of events and trips organised, and by, Quantum will be so beneficial to our students. These will include Digital Construction Week and Future Build, for example.

“Collaborating with Quantum on the curriculum delivery via their ‘Train the Trainer’ programme is also key to making this work for all who study here at LSEC.

“I look forward to working closely with Quantum to help address the green skills needed for the 21st century.”

More than 130 electrical and plumbing students attended the launch event and visited the lab, which is one of the first in the region. 

Fossil fuels

Quantum’s training booths complement our new level 2 training course, Sustainable Energy Technologies, which is City & Guilds assured and has been launched in partnership with Daikin UK.  

This first-of-its-kind course is designed to give young people and career changers an introduction to green technologies. 

The training covers basics such as fossil fuels and their impact on the environment, understanding energy supply and sources, legislation, building guidance and regulations, and knowledge about greener energy solutions such as air source heat pumps. 

We hope a pilot scheme will be rolled out by LSEC following a successful test run of the course with students in July. 

One participant, Dylan, said: “At college we had a brief module on sustainable energy and renewables but it wasn’t as in depth as this course… it allowed me to be more hands-on with the new technologies coming into the world, whereas with my [other] level 2 course was rushed and just theory – we didn’t have this hands-on approach. 

“I’m a more hands-on person and the ability to be able to work on systems which involve sustainability [and] new technology that’s coming into plumbing was amazing for me. I’m a hands-on learner, I will learn more when I’m doing something.”

To learn more about our green skills training facilities for further education colleges, visit thequantumgroup.uk.com/core-renewable-technologies/

To watch a video about Bromley’s new Green Skills Lab, visit youtube.com/watch?v=3LiuEecevRI

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