Quantum Group’s training and expertise praised by college staff

Our expertise in green skills and technology has been applauded by Stockport College, where we have installed nine state-of-the-art training bays that will give students hands-on experience of working with low-carbon technologies. 

Nine bays were installed over only two weeks at Stockport, which is part of the Trafford College Group. Students there will now be able to learn about low-carbon, energy-saving and renewable technologies through interactive and immersive classes.

Quantum Group’s staff have been supportive and knowledgeable.

Stewart Quayle, Construction Lead at Stockport College

Stewart Quayle, Construction Lead at the College, said: “Regarding green skills and technology, we are staying at the cutting edge for new, high-demand industry skills. 

“We have been advised and informed by the Quantum Group, whose staff have been supportive and knowledgeable, on the future requirements for industry.”

In the new Green Technologies Hub, students can learn how to install and maintain air source heat pumps, solar photovoltaic and electrical vehicle charging systems. 


Stewart added: “They [Quantum] have given us a fully installed product in a timely, effective way that will enable us to expand our curriculum offer while meeting the needs of Greater Manchester and wider employers. 

“We can now offer the ‘Low Carbon Heating Technician’ apprenticeship standard and a range of bolt-on courses, as well as upskilling qualifications required by industry. 

“Quantum has also developed a qualification assured by City and Guilds for study programmes at Level 2 and they support delivery by providing staff CPD.

“It’s an excellent investment in future skills and technology.”


Quantum Group is working with colleges across the UK to help meet the “soaring demand” for green skills engineers. 

Maria Gonella, Quantum Group managing partner, wearing a white shirt. The background is the Quantum Group's blue Q marque
Maria Gonella,
Quantum Group Managing Partner

Maria Gonella, Quantum Group Managing Partner, added: “We were delighted to complete this important project for Stockport College in double-quick time. As part of the exercise we also installed the water, waste and electric services for the bays. All we needed was a floor plan and a clear space to install the training bays. 

“At Quantum Group we strongly support the need to upskill and educate learners in green construction skills. Notably, these renewable training facilities go hand-in-hand with the Level 2 course we created, Sustainable Energy and Renewable Technologies. This course was developed in partnership with Daikin UK and is assured by City and Guilds. 

“Our aim is to help people embrace opportunities linked to sustainability – there is a soaring demand for green technology and engineers who can install and maintain this technology. Learners can acquire the necessary skills and understand how renewable energy is pivotal in reaching net zero targets.

“Together with our colleges and partners, we are creating the workforce of tomorrow and driving the acceleration towards a cleaner, greener world.”

Our Level 2 course and training has been developed in partnership with Daikin UK.

Learn more about our training packages for further education colleges at our dedicated microsite, fe.thequantumgroup.uk.com/

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