About Us

Quantum Group, established in 1997, is a leading decarbonisation specialist and renewable training provider. We offer bespoke energy-saving and low-carbon system designs and installations for the built environment. In parallel, our renewable training business provides a range of training products and services dedicated to accelerating the transition to a net zero workforce. By equipping both students and engineers with the necessary green skills we aim to contribute to achieving our broader net-zero climate ambitions in the future.

Our Vision

To accelerate the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy by providing bespoke energy-saving and low-carbon technology solutions, and to address national green skills shortages by training the workforce of tomorrow.

Our Mission

At Quantum, our mission is to leverage our deep industry expertise to consistently deliver the most efficient sustainable energy solutions and training opportunities available. 

We strive to bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing immersive and hands-on renewable training experiences through our innovative range of products, courses and services. 

Through our collaborative approach with industry stakeholders, we remain at the forefront of the evolving renewable energy space, enabling us to design optimal low-carbon systems for the built environment and provide training on the latest industry products. 

Together, we are driving the transformation towards a greener future.

Our Values

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Enthusiasm
  • Sustainability

These core values drive our approach to delivering exceptional solutions and services for our clients. We foster a culture of collaboration, working closely with clients and partners to achieve shared goals. 

Innovation is at the heart of our company, as we continuously strive to develop and implement cutting-edge solutions. 

With enthusiasm, we approach every project with passion and dedication. 

Above all, we are committed to sustainability, ensuring that our actions align with creating a greener and more sustainable future.

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