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As one of the leading providers of sustainable heating and cooling solutions for residential applications in London and the South East, Quantum is uniquely placed to provide homeowners and self-builders with all the advice and support, from initial site survey and design, through to project management and commissioning.
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Quantum Group is a Daikin Renewable partner, providing its full range of solar thermal, Altherma Hybrid Heat Pumps, Altherma high and low temperature heat pump solutions along with application expertise to homeowners, self-builders and specifiers.

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Quantum Group is an Ambiente renewable partner and they have been trading since 2006 and specialise solely in the design, manufacture and supply of hydronic underfloor heating systems. They have the facility to develop bespoke systems to meet every requirement no matter how challenging the parameters are.

Ambiente are also committed to helping their customers in the drive to reduce energy – by producing systems that are not only efficient and environmentally friendly but they also compliment our renewable energy sources such as Daikin air source heat pumps and our solar thermal systems.

Quantum Group is a Radiana renewable partner and they provide a silent and invisible alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems. Their innovative system ensures there are no hot or cold spots in an environment cooled from the ceiling as the heat radiation expands equally in all directions.

The Radiana systems uses water as the basis of transferring heat and is much more efficient than air at carrying temperature which means this product is more efficient and kinder to our environment.

A perfect style-conscious design allowing you to cool or heat without draughts, noise or the dehumidifying effect of traditional air conditioning.

Quantum Group are an Invisible.AC partner and they provide a versatile and efficient air conditioning, heating, ventilation and UV air purification solution for residential, commercial, new build and heritage buildings in a single system for year-round comfort.
Highly efficient air-handling units distribute cooled or warmed air through flexible space-saving small ducts, injecting the air at high velocity through discreet linear grill or round outlets.

The aesthetic design of the Invisible.AC products gives architects and interior designers the flexibility to develop customised solutions to meet the individual needs of each client and project.

A great renewable whole house solution to lower energy bills as heat pump compatible.

Quantum Group are a strategic partner to Unico. The Unico System delivers superior indoor comfort whilst preserving the architectural integrity of your home whether the installation is a retrofit of an existing home, historic preservation, new custom home, commercial application or a unique solution.

The Unico system is fast and efficient providing heating, cooling and ventilation to match all seasons with fast and efficient climate control. The advantage of the system is the size as it is considerably smaller than conventional systems, their air handlers are small enough to fit into the smallest areas in your home for discreetness but are powerful enough to effectively circulate air throughout your home with draught free, even temperatures. Despite the Unico System’s footprint being small, it delivers the same level of cooling as a conventional system three times it size and with the air handlers’ design to isolate noise and vibration the decibel levels are the equivalent to a soft whisper. So whilst you’ll feel the soothing comfort, you’ll hardly notice the system is running!

At Quantum Group, we are passionate about integrating sustainable products, the Unico System removes up to 30% more humidity than conventional heating and cooling systems so you can keep your thermostat a few degrees higher to achieve the same level of comfort that saves on energy costs!

Quantum Group is a Jaga renewable partner. Jaga are devoted to developing efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems that use less energy and fewer raw materials and have an award-winning design philosophy.

Jaga Climate Designers continually look for the most ecological home solutions and partnered with Quantum Group as renewable technology providers, we offer a highly designed and impressive selection of low surface temperature radiators, trench and perimeter systems, wall and ceiling mounted systems along with freestanding options.


Quantum Group is an MCS accredited installer of air to water heat pumps.

MCS is a standards organisation. They create and maintain standards that allows for the certification of products, installers and their installations.

MCS certifies low-carbon products and installations used to produce electricity and heat from renewable sources.

They work with industries to define, maintain and improve quality – certifying products and installers so people can have confidence in the low-carbon technology they invest in. From solar and wind, to heat pumps, biomass and battery storage, they want to inspire a new generation of home-grown energy, fit for the needs of every UK home and community.


Quantum Group is an accredited TrustMark installer. When a consumer uses a TrustMark Registered Business, they know they are engaging with an organisation that has been thoroughly vetted to meet required standards and has made a considerable commitment to good customer service, technical competence and trading practices.

TrustMark was established in 2005 in conjunction with Government, industry bodies and consumer protection groups. Since this time, in response to the industry led, Government-commissioned Each Home Counts (EHC) review, the TrustMark remit has expanded to include all Repair, Maintenance and Improvement (RMI) and Energy Efficiency and Retrofit measures, providing a level playing field of quality for consumers having work carried out in or around their home.

Our goal is to achieve a position where consumers can engage firms in complete confidence that work will be of a high quality, protected and at the agreed costs. We work with the all industries in and around the home, helping to reduce consumer detriment, build consumer confidence and increase opportunities for quality firms.


The government launched the Boiler Upgrade Scheme in April which replaced the RHI and means you can get a £5,000 grant towards the cost of installation. This grant helps property owners install low carbon heating systems to help our planet and reduce energy bills. The scheme is open to domestic and small non-domestic properties in England and Wales and runs from 2022-2025.

To qualify you need to have a valid EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) that demonstrates you meet their insulation criteria.

As we are an accredited MCS installer, we will be able to apply for the grant on your behalf and if you qualify, will process the grant and deduct this from the cost of your installation.

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