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Pure air, because we care.
Breathe in air that is clean and healthy with Daikin air purifiers to make your air cleaner, healthier and fresher – minimise allergies and airborne bacteria and viruses.
Breath in air that is clean and healthy

Daikin air purifiers minimize asthma and allergy symptoms by removing dust particles, pollen and other allergens from your indoor air, helping to keep you healthy by filtering out airborne bacteria and viruses.

The patented Streamer technology in Daikin air purifiers inactivates in more than 2.5 minutes* 99.93% of the common flu virus (H1N1) and 99.98% of the human coronavirus HCoV-229E, which is in the same family as SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus behind the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Daikin's streamer technology inactivates more than 99.9% of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)
Streamer technology & Coronavirus

Daikin confirms the effectiveness of its patented streamer technology, which successfully inactivated more than 99.9% of Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) after irradiating the virus for 3 hours.
The study has been conducted by Daikin Industries Ltd in cooperation with Professor Shigeru Kyuwa from the Department of Biomedical Science of the University of Tokyo, and a group of research led by Professor Shigeru Morikawa from the Department of Microbiology of the Okayama University of Science.

The importance of air purifiers

Studies have shown that air purifiers can eliminate indoor air contaminants including allergens, pollen, bacteria and even viruses. Air quality and ventilation is important in keeping home environments, work environments, customers and educational centres safe. Most indoor areas have insufficient ventilation – during the current winter season it is a balance between ventilation and keeping warm. This leads to an increase in air contamination and air quality. It is more important than ever to keep air as pure as we can as we fight novel viruses; in particular the increasing prevalent Omicron variant.

Daikin purifiers have gained the Quiet Mark award for delivering the ultimate in acoustic comfort.

As the only global award for acoustic design excellence, we’re delighted to confirm that two of our Air Purifier models are now Quiet Mark certified. Daikin’s Air Purifiers (models MCK55WVM and MC55VBFVM) have been thoroughly tested by the Quiet Mark experts and found to be among the quietest products on the market.

Here at Daikin, we recognise that it’s important to help homeowners keep their homes as calm and peaceful as possible. Quiet Mark certification means consumers can easily identify products that won’t add unnecessary noise to their home and help them make informed choices about the appliances they purchase.

Institut Pasteur de Lille evaluated the effectiveness of Daikin’s air purifiers against respiratory viruses.

According to tests performed in the laboratories of the Institut Pasteur de Lille, Daikin’s air purifiers eliminate more than 99.98% the human coronavirus HCoV-229E in 2.5 minutes*. This virus is of the same family as SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus behind the COVID-19 pandemic.

The units have also been evaluated as 99.93% effective against the H1N1 virus in 2.5 minutes*. H1N1 is the virus causing common flu.

This means Daikin’s air purifiers are an additional measure in the fight against respiratory diseases. Our compact plug-and-play purifiers, whose effectiveness is achieved through a combination of the high performance electrostatic HEPA filter, which traps the virus, followed by an intense exposure to Daikin’s patented Flash Streamer technology, which eliminates the virus, can strongly contribute to reducing the risk of respiratory virus transmission.

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