Solutions for a new build home
Choose the right renewable energy source for your new build project. Moving into a new home and considering an air conditioning or heat pump solution can sometimes be a challenge. There are lots of key points to think about and questions to ask yourself before meeting with an architect or builder.
Your Needs
  • Do you want heating, cooling, hot water or a total solution?
  • Which type of renewable energy source can you rely on?
  • Are there government regulations or incentives for more energy efficient solutions?
Your Home
  • What traditional energy sources will connect to your house?
  • How many rooms do you need to heat and cool?
  • Do you prefer an indoor or an outdoor installation?
  • Do you prefer emitters that are wall mounted, radiant heaters or invisible units?
Your Future
  • Do plan on growing your family? Will there be significant changes in heating, cooling or hot water consumption?
  • How important to you is your carbon footprint? Do you want to incorporate renewable energy sources like solar?
  • Are you willing to spend a little more now, to save a lot on your future energy bills?

Reduce your home's environmental impact

Renewable energy sources, such as air, ground and solar are up to 5 times more efficient than traditional energy sources, such as gas, oil and pure electricity. Whether you want a fully sustainable, hybrid or a traditional solution, we have a range of solutions that reduce your energy costs and benefit the environment.

Choosing the right system for your new home

Every home is different and has different needs. We offer a variety of Daikin heating, cooling and hot water solutions for your new house. Consider all of your options before deciding which solution is best for you.

Air-to-air heat pumps

Daikin air-to-air heat pumps use the outside air to cool and heat your home efficiently. With A+++ energy efficiency ratings, they are ideal for replacing old electric systems.

Air-to-water low temperature heat pumps

Daikin Altherma low temperature units use air-to-water heat pump technology to heat, cool, and provide hot water highly energy-efficiently.

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