Train the Green Trainer Academy

Train the Green Trainer Academy: Empowering trainers for success

At Quantum, we understand that one of the key challenges facing the further education sector is the scarcity of trainers who feel comfortable delivering renewables courses. To address this issue, we have established the ‘Train the Green Trainer’ Academy, an on-site training facility in London dedicated to equipping trainers with the necessary skills and expertise to deliver effective and practical renewable energy courses.

Our comprehensive training package at the academy is highly recommended for further education colleges that have already purchased, or are considering, a Quantum Renewable Training Facility.

This ‘Train the Green Trainer’ package is specifically designed to empower trainers and maximise the benefits of our state-of-the-art renewable training facility. By participating in the package, trainers will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver engaging and impactful renewable energy training to their students.

Quantum's ‘Train the Green Trainer’ package includes:

  • Introduction and walkthrough of Quantum Renewable Training Facility

    Trainers will be guided through an in-depth introduction and walkthrough of our cutting-edge Quantum Renewable Training Facility. This session provides trainers with a comprehensive understanding of the facility’s features, equipment and capabilities, enabling them to leverage its full potential during training sessions.

  • Overview of Level 2 Introduction to Sustainable Energy Technologies course

    Trainers will receive a detailed overview of our Level 2 Introduction to Sustainable Energy Technologies course. This session covers the course content, learning objectives and delivery requirements. Trainers will gain insights into best practice for course delivery and how to effectively engage students in learning about sustainable energy technologies.

  • Level 3 Heat Pump Training Course

    Trainers will participate in a specialised Level 3 Heat Pump Training Course. This course focuses on equipping trainers with advanced knowledge and practical skills related to heat pump systems. Trainers will gain expertise in areas such as system design, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. This specialised training enables trainers to deliver high-quality instruction on heat pump systems to their students and achieve a ‘licence to practice’ which recognises trainers at industry level.

Package structure and price

The ‘Train the Green Trainer’ training package is delivered in person over four days at our dedicated training facility in Rainham.

Please email us at to discuss costs for a college to send a trainer to Quantum to take part. This investment will empower trainers with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional renewable energy training, fostering a more skilled and technically competent supply of renewable engineers.

By signing up for our ‘Train the Green Trainer’ Academy training package, colleges can ensure their trainers are equipped to deliver engaging and impactful renewable energy courses, maximising the potential of their Quantum Renewable Training Facility and providing students with an exceptional learning experience.

Quantum Renewable Trainers Network: Uniting green trainers for excellence

We believe in fostering a sense of community and collaboration among trainers who have completed our comprehensive ‘Train the Green Trainer’ Academy package. To further support trainers in their professional development and create a platform for knowledge exchange, we are proud to introduce the Quantum Renewable Trainers Network.

The Quantum Renewable Trainers Network is an exclusive membership program designed specifically for trainers who have successfully completed our training package. By joining the network, trainers gain access to a supportive community of like-minded professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality renewable energy training.

  • Networking and collaboration opportunities

    Connect and collaborate with other trainers who share a passion for renewable energy education. Share best practice, exchange ideas and collaborate on innovative training approaches. The network provides a platform to foster valuable connections and build a strong community of trainers.

  • Ongoing professional development

    Continued learning is vital in the renewable energy field. Network members will have access to exclusive professional development opportunities, including webinars, workshops and training resources. Stay updated on the latest industry trends, technological advancements and teaching methodologies to enhance your training delivery.

  • Resource sharing

    Access a wealth of shared resources, including lesson plans, training materials, case studies and practical exercises. Benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise of network members, making it easier to create engaging and effective training programmes.

  • Exclusive events and conferences

    Participate in exclusive events and conferences organised specifically for network members. These gatherings offer unique opportunities to expand your professional network, learn from industry experts and stay at the forefront of renewable energy education.

  • Recognition and promotion

    Network members will be recognised as certified Quantum Renewable Trainers, demonstrating their commitment to delivering high-quality renewable energy training.

Join the Quantum Renewable Trainers Network:

To become a member of the Quantum Renewable Trainers Network, trainers must successfully complete the ‘Train the Green Trainer’ Academy package. Upon completion, trainers will receive an invitation to join the network and enjoy the various benefits and opportunities it offers.

We are dedicated to supporting trainers in their professional journey and empowering them to excel in renewable energy education. By establishing the Quantum Renewable Trainers Network, we aim to create a collaborative environment that enables trainers to thrive and contribute to the growth of the renewable energy industry.

Together, let’s make a lasting impact in renewable energy education and accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy and net zero workforce.

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